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The Fearless Pilot's New Flight Plan

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A guy who loved the friendly skies

They were his playground to be imaginative

Pictured all the ways that he could help

Improve mankind's quality of life through creative fun

Mixed love of ideas with the great outdoors

Helped to make people think and act outside of the box

Every so often to escape their generic corporate boxed lives

Made them think and move outside their comfort zones

Worked better than being a functioning robot on caffeine

Preferred to be outdoors at least 24 hours a day

Even when the skies weren't so friendly

Full of lightning hot anger at passing cars

And massive crying jags of flash flood happy rain

Mother Nature having a big time case of PMS

Wondered when the next mood will strike

Weather reporters became important for nature lovers

Our weary traveler liked being out and about

Even when his body craved bedtime the most

Surrounded by dark blinds and his two beloved kittens

They helped provide an ambiance of comfort

After a trying night being stuck in Bronx traffic

Or the anonymous highways and roadways

Full of busloads of deer having a family reunion of sorts

Focused on being his long time invention to fruition

Had some setbacks along the way

Made him more determined to see it through

Once the sting of disappointment faded away

And a logical renovation set in; if that's such a thing

If not, a new concept has been invented.

Dismantled the new idea and rebuilt it with a shinier model

Not going to give up anytime soon

Better to tried than to thrown in the towel at the 5 yard line

Plotted the next step very carefully to avoid any early mistakes

Letting the dream get improved upon before the next test

Enjoying a good dose of nature and sleep until then.

The ability to be one with nature while soaring through it was a challenge.

The ability to be one with nature while soaring through it was a challenge.

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