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The Farmer's Daughter

Kater is a Poet and Philosopher that artistically explores across various contours of life. He is well known for his life changing poems.


The Farmer's Daughter

The trees know her name,

The fields yearn for her steps,

The soft breeze mimics her voice,

And the flowers admire her scent.

There she goes, the Farmer's daughter,

Fullness in beauty, oh the sweetness,

Her appearance veils the Hardwork,

Until labour is done, she knows no rest.

The soil receives when she sows her seed,

Then generously, it blossoms, when it's time to yield,

Her heart is kind, yet her will is strong,

A beautiful skin that glitters, yet the muscle within drums.

From the market she bought six robes but paid for seven,

Now she opens her bag and eight robes she was given,

She loves her townsfolk but they love her more,

To the stranger she says, "eat, there is more".

They call her perfect, she says, I am not,

They wonder where hides the blemish, they see no fault,

Then she smiles, wishing they could see the scars,

But then she smiles, and it is perfect, or so it seems,

It is perfect.

© 2022 Kater Michael Rubem