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The Twisted Lies of the Perfect Little White Fence

Donna is a poet who takes stands up for those who fear-It's not easy, but I believe my God will sound through the lies of politician's agend

The Twisted Lies of the Perfect Little White Fence

Believe in yourself and go the right way!

Believe in yourself and go the right way!

Your Way NO! Our Way of Life!

We all go about our ways in life. Living each moment from one day to the next
And I often wonder if we ever achieve a life without any regrets
So many passed us by, never to get noticed for our own self worth
Always getting passed up without anyone ever saying a word

It's gathered by many; we have so much to say yet, we are told that it's always better to tweet
We go about our days; walking side by side; living blindly not looking from our technology

That there is something greater out there; if we but give a damn of the future of the world and what time really means
Test of time will tell the tale; that the future lies ahead being drowned by political greed

We strive to survive, it's all that we strive to do but isn't survival among the fittest?
To pass one another up with our own agenda; portraying the way life really is?
Not giving anyone the right to really know who you are, when it takes a moment of your time

You say, when is the truth; just the truth or a lie is just a perpetual lie?

We walk our own way like many get held up in a line, only to take a number
You might be next; you might wait a long time... in the end; are you apt to surrender

What does life really consist of; do you even know what we're expected to give
When we're taught to fend for ourselves; are you always striving to win?
We've all been told to be all that we can be, but you better not touch that, or you will die!
Doesn't it leave you speechless, asking questions only to be told yet another lie?

We march the perfect march; don't waiver from their ways - Just do as your told!
To seek out your own destinations; that leads us to get caught up in political self-righteous molds
Pretty little political ambitions that are supposed to lead us to what's right
How can we seek out our own justice when politicians are the cause of all the crime?

March to the beat of a different drum, hey, that only leads us to nowhere
We stand in that straight and narrow life; in the end, no one really cares
We strive for that perfect little white fence; that stands in front of our houses
Only for it to tumble down as the politicians laugh at the way the dow bounces!

I differ to the injustice, the "American dream" is a farce; not what we expect life to be

When will we take our stand; realize that life is just life; it's up to you and to me and the politicians make three?

© 2020 Donna Rayne

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