The Family RHYMES

Updated on November 13, 2017

The Family Man

The Gift

It was 1987.
KATE wanted to have heaven.
Wanted JACK CAMPBELL to not leave.
Wanted him to stay and start a family.
But Jack chose to make his living.
As an executive in New York City.
Jack cared so much about his business.
He called a meeting on Christmas.
He ditches loyalty.
For the sake of being wealthy.
But one night he meets CASH.
With a lottery ticket Cash asks.
Asks the store clerk to cash in.
Trying to convince him that he won.
Later, Cash pulls out a gun.
Jack walks up and he stops it.
Jack then offers to buy it.
He follows cash in the night.
The advises him to save his life.
Jack says he has all that he needs.
Cash says that he bought whatever's coming.
His decision made this all happen.
Jack just had to see it.
That very night he went to sleep.
Then woke up Christmas morning.
With his Daughter and Kate in New Jersey.
He gets dressed and heads to his office.
For the meeting that he planned for success.
His closes friends try figuring it out.
They see him but are having doubts.
Not knowing who he is.
He later sees Cash explaining what it is.
Cash explains that Jack has to learn a lesson.
Him losing his wealth is part of the message.
Cash is on assignment.
Jack will soon understand it.
Cash tells him it will all take time.
He tells him to take his time.
Meanwhile, Jack lives the life he could've had.
If he stayed in the states like Kate asked.
He has a modest family life.
Enjoying his kids and his wife.
Working for Kate's father.
While Kate's a non-profit Lawyer.
Jack struggles with family life.
But he soon gets it right.
He begins to succeed in Life.
Bonds with his kids while loving his wife.
Working hard at his job.
But he's offered another job.
It's a great opportunity.
That he is really considering.
But he's adapting to his new life.
Loving his kids and his wife.
It's a challenge because it's less luxurious.
He begins to find more happiness.
He still reminisces about the money.
Sees that someone else has the deal merging.
Merging with that same company.
While his wife makes him happy.
Jack realizes life's true value.
It took Cash showing him the new.
The new life. Just as he is on track.
Cash informs him that he must go back.
Jack loves his new life.
He then sees Cash again in the Store.
With a lottery ticket like before.
Cash has to take him back to his old life.
He will forsake his kids and his wife.
But its nothing Cash can do.
Jack goes back to the life that's true.
He seals the deal to intercept Kate.
Then finds her moving out of the place.
Like Jack, she was more focused.
Focused on becoming more corporate.
A corporate Lawyer, she's moving to Paris.
Kate wanted to return old possessions.
That's the reason for her sudden call.
Cash took him back to what started it all.
So Jack decides to chase Kate.
Not letting his past dictate.
Over a cup of coffee.
They both agree.

Nicholas Cage
Jack Campbell
Teo Leoni
Kate Campbell
Don Cheadle

Brett Ratner


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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