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The Fake Light

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I See It But It Is Not Really There

Our eyes decieve us all the time

What we see is not what we get

I see the reflection of our kitchen light

On our sliding glass door

My eyes see it and believe it to be true

I know better

Because the exact same one

Is hanging over my head

The life that we experience goes so much deeper

Deep below the skin

This is where our feelings hide

They pass through my viens

As quickly as possible

Naturally without any effort

Through every inch of our body

Not just our brain and our heart

I think they are in every living cell

Our hand can not be cut off from our body

Neither can our emotions be

They travel constantly

Giving our body life

I have never read in any medical journal to prove this fact

This is something I just feel

Is it real ?

Every time I move

My body goes with me

It is not like I can leave my foot behind

Then come back for it later

Nobody talks about the real important parts about living

I don't hear one person ever say

Hey how are your emotions doing today

My emotions are at an all time high

My knees appreciate all the attention

They are sore

For years they have really done a great job

There is not a day that goes by

That my poor feet get walked on and stepped on

Yet they never complain

My neck gets stiff and tight

I try to loosen it by doing neck swirls

Because it does such a wonderful job

Holding my head up high

Moving my head round and round

It feels better

How about the emotions in my littlest pinky

It is always with me

Not as important as my thumb

It serves me well

It makes so many things I do so much easier

Then there is my stomach

With all the digestive juices

Constantly taking food in and out

Doing all the busy work

Turning food into energy

While my taste buds get the real pleasure

When my teeth hurt

They sure let me know

I cringe in pain

Until that nasty filling is gone

My whole body is a walking,talking jumbo bag of emotions

The more I think of it

The more I can express the actual joy

Boy when my back aches

It is no picnic

When my chest gets pain

I say please don't be my heart

Hopefully just a little indigestion

That disappears as soon as it came

So see how our emotions play a role

Connected to every part we see and can't see

I sit at home all quiet

Letting my body express itself

Tell me lips if you are dry

Talk to me eye lashes that keep flashing all day long

My wrists really hurt

I hope it is not carpel tunnel

I am sure after reading this

You might think I lost my marbles

Well tell me you never hit your funny bone and felt that instant pain

Twist an ankle and rub it gently

Please be o.k.

Felt a shocking foot cramp that brought you to tears

Jammed a finger

That really is painful

Bit your tongue and also felt more unpleasantness

Had an upset stomach and felt like you were turning into an instant volcano

With a pounding headache

That uncontrollable itch in the middle of your back

These are just a few examples

Of the emotions we strongly feel

Connected to all areas of our body directly

If you listen and think long enough

You can follow the dots