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The Face of the Old Banyan Tree: A Poem

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.

Banyan Tree

Banyan On Road

Banyan On Road

Banyan Tree

In our City, in the remnants of time
standing tall trees with stories.

Those who used to grow independently brought by flying birds
seeds are seeded through the grain.

his name is banyan, the older he grows and towers.
forming his own face.

the holes they display are as diverse as unequal fingerprints.
its roots rising above the surface to mark its age.

crowded ants occupy
many birds nest
termites also rejoice
live and occupy the banyan

every now and then humans enjoy the beauty of the aging banyan.
there are scratches of friend names
there are scratches of the names of family members
there is a symbol of love that grows and ages.

The face of an old banyan tree gives fear to the evil heart human.
those who think about the unseen
those who planted the old tree
they are greedy looking for land for money fields in a protected forest.

The face of an old banyan tree
displays shade in raindrops
giving fresh air from the tightness of mind
gives a sense of comfort and peace from the hustle and bustle
on the edge of our city streets.

the remains of lush past are still illustrated and given by
the old banyan that still standing and looking gloomy
thinking of himself that will be displaced time and time.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro