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The Face Behind Fruits: A Poem

Halley was a teacher at a junior high school. who loves to write and always wants to learn new things about the world of authorship.

Face behind fruits

Face behind fruits

The Face Behind Fruit

We don't know the face behind the Fruits
A little narrowing came with hope.
We don't know what the smile looks like.
Giving happiness that has been scattered on the road it passes.

Red Fruits ripe marks
Her eyes were red after staying up last night
He developed a lonely song by himself
While expecting the sweetness of fruit to be held.

Forked stalks with a bearded face
Look at everyone cheerfully
Hope to give calm when happy
Then again disappeared with a lull in tears.

Fruits and face behind it
No doubt about obstacles
No fear of all scorn
Will not back down with losers
Not feeling embarrassed even though he is not the main stem
Because he is a branch that gives a different taste in every event.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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