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Praising the “Eyes” and what it sees. Poetic way.

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Mar is a child educator and an English lit graduate who enjoys reading and writing poems, articles, and short stories on various topics.



Let's begin with one of my favorite quote about eyes.

“Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.”

Samuel Richardson

Our "eyes" are the most honest part of our face, therefore they serve as windows into the soul. Our mouths are under our control, but our eyes cannot be controlled. because they are connected directly to our souls. Our eyes play an important role in our lives. The beauty of our world is not only revealed through them, but they are a springboard to accomplishing more. Let's celebrate them together.

below is a short poetic description of eyes randomly written. Enjoy!


Colors ,waters flowing ,glorious
All sides ,of all types
high ,lowest ,wide and vast

Observed and loved ,this vista
Of numerous recital, calmative ,disturbed
Occasions of life ongoing and done


Of nights long dimness
The light of days
For time to travel, for mortal to stay

The eyes behold
The unfurls of beauty
The drawbacks ,the folds



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