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The Eyes That Speak


Baby Blue Eyes, why is it you are crying,

your sweet tears just keep on falling down,

Did the brown-eyed child come to share,

her story with you, and what she found?

The story of all those days lived gone by,

the sadness that had filled all of this land,

How so many were to be unjustly harmed,

taken from homes, never to understand?

How many people came, a new land to claim,

then so unfairly as they did take it all away,

Made brown-eyed ones leave it all behind,

at the once happy place, now could not stay.

Many lost their lives, the culture they made,

where the once free wild animals did roam,

Now all was gone, their treatment so wrong,

for it was now that they could have no home.


A question is so asked ten-thousand times,

why must we just take from all of the others?

This land was meant to be shared with all,

a gift of God, for all sisters and of brothers.

Then brown-eyed children to come from afar,

made to ride across seas on ships with sails,

Taken from their homes in those distant lands,

treated as slaves in a new world, were in jails.

These people who were once so proud, so free,

Now lived in a country, they did not want to be.

Their native cultures, fine heritage left behind,

Never again would their grand world get to see.

Can America ever just to make any fair amends,

from the terrible deeds over all time it has done?

Must the history of a country to repeat itself now,

or erase those tears of pain, from every little one?


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