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The Extent of Your Stretched Arms is Your Limitation

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


There was once a wicked

King who did not want

Progress for anyone

He always wishes to be

The first person who shall use

New thing in the island

A new thing that gets

To the land outside him

He would counter

Issuing an official order

Through his scribe to the public

Discrediting the thing

At times he would also put

A curse on anyone who

Uses such thing

This he does to pull to

Himself those who are the

Originator of that thing

Sometimes to become a

Shareholder in the marketing

Of a new product

People do not wish to establish

New companies neither things

In the town again

Because of the demand of the

King those who saw

New things outside wouldn’t bring it in

For they know they

Would become bankrupt if they

Bring such into the town

During this period that the

Island was under the influence

Of the wicked king

A guy got a ling to a

Company outside the town.

When all were afraid of king

The guy decided to try his

Luck, applied through the link

And was integrated into the company

He became one of the

Shareholders of the company

Because he can dare to apply

The company after some

Field works decided to

Start a new product

As one of the shareholders

He was privy to the

Information before anyone else


During the deliberation at the

Stakeholders meeting, they voted

Out the supply to his town

This was done because

Of the past dealings with

The wicked king.

The experience had with

The king was unpalatable for the management

Because the company ran at a loss then

Because majority have voted out

His town, there is nothing he

Could do to upturn their decision

He however, decided to get his

Sibling involved in purchasing

The product as he registered his business name

When the new product was

Out, he bought it with his

Money and sent it to his sibling

Expectedly, when the King

Saw this new product

He rose against it

He was thinking he

Was attacking the company and that

The management would soon come to him

But the management knew nothing

Because they were not involved in

Taken the product to the town

In the meantime, the sibling of

The guy selling the product was

Secretly marketing the product

Contacting friends and others

To tell them about the product

That it’s the latest and good

When the people get to know

The secret behind it, they

Hiss at the messages of the king

The king discovered that he has

Been disgraced and he summoned

The person selling the product

When he got to him, he

Strictly warned him not to

Sell the product again.

But since the product

Is not a contraband good

He was cautioned by cabinet members

He arranged with bandits

To loot the store, when

The issue got to the company that produced it


The company ordered that the guy

Be supplied with new ones

At reduced price to cover for his loss

This is because the management

Really wishes the product to

Gain ground and he is making progress

In the marketing of the product

Much so that he is

Trekking the lion’s den

They know they wouldn’t

Need another marketer there

Since he has done the marketing.

The King again set people

To set the store ablaze

Yet this guy received new products

All attempts by the king

Failed on the new product

Sales in the town as it becomes household product

When some companies heard this

They were elated and saying

This is good it is

The son of fire that

Should be sent to confront

And quench fire.

Thus, when some other

Companies wish to bring new

Product into the town,

The first person they considered

Was the guy. Different companies

Started taken their newly produced goods to him

For he has broken the chain,

He has removed the limitations.

That’s how the town was liberated from the wicked king

Now new things have started

To enter the town as

The town keeps increasing

One of the customers

Asked the guy the secret of

His success in the work.

He told him that

It is his brother. The guy asks

To meet his brother and he arranged it

On meeting with his

Brother, the man told him that

He has no secret to it

What he only employs

Was the old principle of the

Aged ones that

When one stretches his arms

The end of the arms stretched show

The limitation of the person

For beyond that, the

Person cannot prevent others from

Passing or doing things

This means it is what

One has direct influence on

That one can stop from happening

Since the king neither has

Influence on the company

Nor him, he cannot prevent the new products sales

All he did to stop the

Product failed because of his

Limitations. I am glad I achieved my aim

He now knows that

As the island grows no

One can control everything in it


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