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The Exploding Heart

A time of experimentation to see what my mind could see. During the experiment I heard a BANG and realized it was my own heart

Painting-Explosion-of-the-Heart Sachi art.

Painting-Explosion-of-the-Heart Sachi art.

The Exploding Heart

It was The Night of Energy

As if the heart would rupture


No one has ever measured the spiritual

Capacity of a heart

No poet, no philosopher

It's been said "All is illusion"

Even the bursting of an exploding heart.

Today Dog Star Doldrums drag me

Like a dead body.

Yesterday is burned into me

Like a serpent's creeping Kundalini

Illusions can be burned into the brain

Like the day I looked into unity

and saw the heart was limitless

Today this body waits

For the next beat

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