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The Existence


Smoke, ashes and the fog
Engulf the memories

Pain, ache and the agony
Engulf the soul

Grief, suffering and the trauma
Engulf the emotions

Gloom, sadness and the torture
Torment the heart

Time, age and the years
Engulf the life

Heartache, heartbreak and the failure
Engulf the smile.

Tragedy, calamity and the disaster
Enough to engulf the death.

Misfortune, distress and the adversity
Engulf the strive

End, denouement and the culmination
Engulf our whole Existence

Thus finishing our mortal fights.

© 2018 Tajwer Shakir


Tajwer Shakir (author) on November 22, 2018:

Yeah! Well said Paul I agree with you. We need to keep hope alive after all. But here I meant that the existence does not end by itself alone. Our sufferings also make it happen at the end.

Paul Balagtas from Philippines on November 20, 2018:

We embrace the womb to tomb concept. However, we often forget to embrace the truth that to get from womb to tomb we should live-- and that HOPE is what makes life worth living.Your poem is like looking at the mind of a person who is about to give up on living. We should really do our share in making other people feel loved so that they will not lose hope.

Tajwer Shakir (author) on November 20, 2018:

Yes that happens when people go through sufferings they lose hope.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on November 20, 2018:

Very sad. I don't see much hope for spirituality of the person who crossed over.

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