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Darkness, Light And Shades In Between- How To Be A Balanced Individual

Emee.chan is a person of the light, but needs the darkness from time to time. Especially in summer.

Light and dark are eternally interwoven, they cannot be kept apart.

Light and dark are eternally interwoven, they cannot be kept apart.

Warlords Of Draenor- Light in the Darkness (Soundtrack)

Entangled Forevermore

Embrace your vices,

Highlight your virtues.

Only then you can paint

A bigger picture.

Darkness and light exist

Inside all of us,

Forever entwined in a

Dance of their own design.

Which one will prevail,

Which one will orchestrate the play

Depends on the choice that we

Ultimately make.

Those that choose to be

Guided by the light will strive

To do everything

They percieve that is right.

Be kind to the unkind.

Be gentle with the rough.

Those that wish to be on the path

Of pure black darkness will care

More about satisfying their greed.

Pleasure and material their only need.

Though some will

Be quick to agree

That those are all we should achieve.

But not everything is just black

Nor is it just white.

Balance can and should be maintained,

If one knows how.

Learn to accept both sides as a

Part of you.

Enjoy your diversity

As all humans do.

Make peace with yourself and accept your diversity.

Make peace with yourself and accept your diversity.


What I tried to portray in this poem is that we all have a free will. That free will enables us to make certain choices. That's also another point that I always strongly believed in- We choose, or at least that's how it shoud be, freely. If you choose the path of a good person, that's because YOU believe, deep down, that it's a right thing to do. The same goes for the other one, the bad one. You chose to or you were forced to make decisions that led you down that road. And lastly, not everything is simply black and white, there are shades in between. The perception of right and wrong is kind of...changed. And it all greatly depends on our own moral code, values, etc. We should also try and see the other side, when or if we get a chance to.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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