The Ex-Girlfriend Factor Experience Referendum

Updated on October 29, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Strange that it was almost implied from the start

The affair was doomed to fail for various reasons

Responsibility and stability being the chief ones

Thought the journey down the single road was done

Now, placed down a very different route back to square one

Just joined an organization full of former flames of cowardly men

Immature enough to not end a relationship with the slightest bit of grace

Took the approach of a teenage boy scared to see a girl cry

And angry enough to throw something in their general direction

Okay, the start of the partnership was more accidental than planned

Conclusion could've been better thought out to not taint good memories

Unfair to have to start over from scratch after 27 months invested

In a sinking ship disguised as a good idea at the time

Feeling like a mark in one of those con men movies

Hustled to the point of it being razor thin near criminal

Unable to press charges for having a broken heart

Hoodwinked into believing a weak relationship was love

Kicked out of the mock happy pairing of two lovebirds

Back to being a jaded loner ready to throw imaginary stones

At deliriously love drunk couples who cross their path

Always a former rather than a member of the main squeeze club

Treated like radioactive waste instead of a person

Deserving a modicum of respect; even when exiting a relationship

A degree of tact goes a long way to prevent a former lover

From keying your car or kicking you right where the sun doesn't shine

A little too Fatal Attraction for comfort that image

Won't be a reality; a moment of revenge not worth a lifetime of a prison record

Searching for internal strength that made shoe salesmen think twice

And have a moment of flirtation just to cause a smile to appear

Still got some attractive playfulness no matter what happened

After being dropped as the accustomed sack of potatoes

Dusting off the dirt and grime after the fall

Ready to get up off the ground and find a new group to join

Not looking to rejoin the lovebird one just yet

Only needing a new attitude and a reason to function as a proper winged creature

A phoenix rising from the ashes of a failed relationship

Sounds cliché, but it's still true nonetheless

A survivor who'll move on no matter what happens.

Lovebirds showing their affection.
Lovebirds showing their affection.


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    • Brenda Arledge profile image


      10 months ago from Washington Court House

      A survivor..that is the key.

      It is sad when one doesn't end a relationship with the respect it so deserves.

      The vengeance not worth it in the end...even though the mind extremely wants to lash out.

      As for a new group..not sure which way one would turn, but understand not wanting the lovebird group just yet.

      Good write.


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