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The Evolutionary Revolutionary

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Wondered what it would like to be passionate about something

Believing in an idea wholeheartedly to a point of reasonable extreme

Not falling completely under the spell of someone else

That would be a whole other category to discuss

One that could explain a lot of brutality and chaos surrounding us

Understandable to believe in something; not to corrupt it

By means of insanity or disgust

Decided to picture the activist types of yesterday

To get a proper picture of embracing an ideal

Without going completely overboard and giving up on reason

A vision designed in dark green camouflage

Appearance rough around the edges

Hair unkempt and shirt rumpled up for unknown purpose

Showcased a sense of passion for world and not themselves

Brimming with selflessness to the point of being a sacrificial lamb

Ready to lay down their lives for their particular cause

That could take decades or even centuries to resolve

Never-ending battle for equality had to be adaptable

In order to survive the changing times and addition of technology

Blending in practicality to get those remaining on the fence

Or behind the scenes afraid of standing out in the crowd

Strange to think that an activist can change with the times

Possible because revolution cannot remain stagnant

Will wither away on the vine if it does

Causes turn to different directions and the participants differed

Motives and needs transformed as time marched on

Seemed like a complete scheme in the long run

A rebel who ended up growing through the times

Changing to fit their environment accordingly

Hard to say if it worked or not

Proof was in the print and digital footprint

Realized that every cause had an opposing force

People who wanted to abolish before it got off the ground

Who went to extremes to extinguish the leader

Someone on the rise and potentially able to make change

For the better and not for the worst

Judas and the Black Messiah demonstrated this accurately

How a leader was able to work with everyone

Befriended those who were different to band together

Only to be taken down by those who disagreed

Seemed unjust after only trying to work on positive things

Decided that revolution needed to sometimes work

On a rather subtle and evolutionary scale

To incite change in the longer run

Educating those who remained unevolved and don't understand

Knowledge had a greater power than many realized

Time to use it for good; not ignorance.

A means to get your point across in any setting.

A means to get your point across in any setting.

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