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My Fairy Dreamland

I am passionate about writing articles, stories and poems. Poem, is my special area of interest .I emphasize on the rhythm in my verses.


Sleeping in the silence of the 'Blue Hills' in the sky,

Mystic mists, whirl around, and go up in the high.

Set the fire in the blue, The sun, glows blushing red,

Whiter clouds fly above, Peak's silver crown head,

leaned over the beauty of the pine forests so long,

One bud, two leaves together, sang the morning song.

Slender Firs, are waving gently, Maples are inclined,

watching lovely laughing buddhas, walking through the pines.

The tinsel stream through the jungle, down the mountain peak,

Looks like one glittered yarn, that's silver, slim and sleek.

Down the hill, the golden Fountain, oozing from the rocks,

Jump from the feet above and falls on boulder blocks.

Sky across the winter birds, fly in brighter clouds,

In meadows dancing, they are, chirping far off loud.

Flakes of snows, as float in the air, they call me, I can hear.

charmed me with their tender touches, tempt my eyes and ears.

Gracious God, you almighty, I raise my voice and pray;

A Gift for me, another sun, and one more happy day.

As I go up, the queen of hills, stands stout in gleam of glory,

The Floating city swings around the dream of a fairytale story.

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