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The Enemy: A Poem

"I will rid the world of evil"

I heard the young boy cry

Standing on the hilltop

Fist raised to the sky

"I must destroy the enemy

And crush the men who came

Those who took my family

And caused me so much pain"

And as he grew I saw him learn

The art of hate and war

And never did I see him cry

Or hide the hurt he bore

Then came the long awaited day

The chance for his revenge

He seized the opportunity

To finally reach the end

The night was dark, the moon obscured

Those inside asleep

With stealth and skill the deed was done

What they sow they reap

He heard a noise and turned his head

His heart grew still with grief

At the door there stood a son

Shocked with unbelief

He saw the eyes turn cold with hate

Then innocence was gone

In that moment his life changed

He knew what he had done

For in the young boy's soul he saw

With perfect empathy

The evil madness turn on him

He was the Enemy

...Forever he would be

The Enemy

© 2014 April Reynolds

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