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The Enemy That Must Be Overcome to Stay on Top #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Jail Break

Jail Break

With some of his followers they have been planning on jail break. However, his followers have been talking to him that what he needs to do should be done, else if he does not do that they will fail in their mission.

He has asked of what he needs to do and he has been informed that what he needs to do is to overcome himself, overcome the spirit of anger in him as he has been told by the hydra-headed monster during the period of his encounter with it.

His followers for the love they have for him secretly discuss among themselves on what they need to do to assist their master and leader so that they will be freed from the dungeon where they are. Having discussed they set people up who will be disturbing him pushing him

To anger. They continued to do this, intentionally and unintentionally until he starts to change. He discovers that if he can be discussing with people before he acts on anything, his angry mood would have been doused. Thus, when anyone does anything that he ordinarily

Would have flared up at the appearance of it before, he would call someone to reason with. Through this he overcame his self, the angry nature in him. They noticed that he has changed greatly and he is not easily moved to anger again like before then they started

Planning on when they would attack and how the jail break would look like. They planned and execute the jail break and would attack the island after they had broken off from the jail. After they overcame their enemies they returned to their islands. On getting to their

Islands he has been crowned by the people of the island as the new leader because their previous leader has died and since he has had an encounter with the hydra-headed monster before, and had saved the island again from their enemies, they considered it right to make


Him the new head of the island for he has passed through different phases he has learnt different things and they strongly believe with all his experience he would be able to lead the island well. After the coronation of the man as the head of the island the first thing he did was

Getting committee in place that will be looking into issues with him. No matter the case that is brought before him even the ones people thought he ought to pass judgment on immediately he will not pass judgment on it until, he has deliberated with others on the issue.

I have learnt from the past mistakes that I have made, and my mistakes has been one, I used to unilaterally act on different issues, I have not been valuing the inputs of others, this has been my major error. When people talk to me about a thing, I would think they are not

Wise and would say their mouths are smelling. I never knew that it is my mouth that is smelling while they are all right. Ego has subsumed me, blindfolded me to good things and good people in the society, I used to look over my shoulders always thinking people are not

Happy with me, unknown to me that they want it well with me. However, what happened that have led me to the dungeon has bring a new person out of me a genuine leader that the people really look forward to, to lead them to their promised land, and this I hope and pray I

Will continue to give the people of the island until our good becomes better and our better becomes best among the comity of nations around the globe he stated. I know better now, I know now that communal effort is of great benefit. As he continues to use the help of others, he continues to overcome the spirit of anger in him and the island during his reign knows peace in all ramifications, progress, and blessings.


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