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The Enemy That Must Be Overcome to Stay on Top #3

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His fame has risen to other parts of the island and people from other islands too have been patronizing their island to seek for favor, counsel, assistance among other things for such is what the gods used to do unto those they have clothed with their power, blessings,

Promotions and other things are usually attached to those things that have been bequeathed on them. People from other islands who have been molesting the citizens of the island could no longer do that again since he has been manifesting this power. The

Neighboring island that uses to collect tax from their island before could no longer collect tax from the island again, in the stead she is the one taking tax to the man’s island alongside with other islands. The people of the island that have been dominating the territory before

Was not happy with this and they are seeking for means of regaining their authority back from this island. All stakeholders have been called to secret meeting, where they deliberated of what they can do to regain their freedom back from the island that has stolen their

Authority and power from them. they could not reach a consensus because they ignore the case of the newly crowned powerful one. Albeit when they would again meet on the situation, one of them reasoned that what brought about what they are deliberating upon is the

Gods crown of power on the young man. They all agreed as he continues, what I think we need to do is find the weak area of the man, let us find what he will do that would grieve the gods, if he can grieve the gods, he would be captured and the power, authority and everything

We have lost would come back to us. They considered the meeting a fruitful one over the previous meeting as each person goes back to its abode to seek for what would be the taboo of the man. During the next meeting, the people have made different research into the man’s

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Personal life by sending different emissaries into their island, and those who have friends there have inquired from their friends what the taboo of gods to the man is. They have collected their findings and when they got to the venue of the meeting they have reported

What their findings were, and it is one, that the gods have instructed the man that he should not be angry, thence they have stated that what they need to do is ensuring that they push him to anger, when they push him to anger the gods would leave him and he will be

Captured. They all agreed that their finding is a great research, thence, they agree to meet at another date to plan on how to go about this, map out the strategies to take to get the man arrested and to his knees with his arms over his heads. During the following meeting, the

People have come with ideas that they need to send people to the island to ensure that they grieved the man and push him to anger. When they have done this they would be lying in the wilderness and they should send a signal to them through the spies that shall be living

Within the island. When those spies get to them they would invade the island and would capture the island, especially capturing the young man who is the island’s pillar. They sent people to the island who were able to push the man to anger, after he has gotten angry signal

Was sent to those living at the boundaries and they invaded the island and captured the island. After capturing the young man, he was taken to their island where he was imprisoned and the island has been placed under heavy tax. In the prison yard where he has been kept


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