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The Enemy That Must Be Overcome to Stay on Top #2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


His parents have worked on this talked to him several times on the need to always exercise patience in dealing with issues, but he has not been able to yield to the corrections because something within him would simply push him to go against that thing which he has

In mind to do. The people within the island have also talked to him about this when he starts growing up that a mature person does not respond to any and every thing he sees happening in the society, a but he has not been able to conform to what they are saying.

When people tell him something like this especially when he is at the echelon of the anger mood, he would reply them that he cannot allow dirt to stay on his cloth, he would not allow senseless thing to look wise in its own eyes for being silence would make such people wise in

Their own eyes, I cannot allow that to happen he will say. Since he has been recalcitrant, people have left him to his own thing. Now that he has met with the hydra-headed spiritual being controlling island, it is a major breakthrough because not many people have seen the

Hydra-headed being, even those who wish to see it have never come across it. When they heard that it would be operating at a place today, they will go to the area, only to be disappointed that it does not come to the area, when they have been told that it will visit the

Mountain at a particular period they will go to the mountain but would not find him there. They have been trying days, months, and years without number to see the hydra-headed monster to breath on them so that they will possess the chief powers of the gods of the island

But have not been able to come across the hydra-headed monster. Now that he claims to have come across the hydra-headed monster and have described its mien unto people the spiritualists among them know that he indeed has had an uncommon encounter with the gods


Of the island and such uncommon encounter would not go without him being clothed with their powers. Thus, they knew without iota of doubt within them that he has been clothed with the powers of the gods of the island and thence he needs to be respected, and his

Words being valued for whatever he says from thenceforth would not go without being fulfilled. Though, he has this power now, he however needs to work on himself as the chief monster of the island has stated, he needs to check his ways, he needs to check the manner of

His actions and inaction, he should put the spirit of anger in him under control, lest all he has labored and toiled for be blown off within seconds, for that is how the gods of the island work, they would not hesitate to disrobe anyone who has flout their laws and the end of the

Person sometimes if not all the times would be worst that his very beginning. If however he could keep to what he has heard, the instructions given, it is certain that he will be at the pinnacle of operating with the power till he dies. As a colored people could not be hidden

Among the populace, so his power could not be hidden as he started to demonstrate the power among the people. The first place where he demonstrated the power was at the brook of the island, the outlet of the brook was small and the people have been trying to remove the

Heavy stone by the brook’s mouth so that they will have more access to the brook, but they have been unable for decades, and when he gets to the brook that day, he has instructed the stone to become lighter as he walks to the stone lifts it like a wool out of the place, and

The people who are with him looks in bewilderment and shouts for joy as they could widen the mouth of the brook. As from then the naïve people within the island have been saying that the power of the gods have fallen upon him. As from that day people within the

Island have turned his house to a tourist attract center where they used to go to for assistance, spiritual and physical.


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