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The Enemy That Must Be Overcome to Stay on Top #1

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He has heard different oral history about the founders of the island, and he desires to be

Powerful as one of them, thence he decides to give it all it takes to be among the powerful

Ones within the island. As he continues to press for the power through different trainings and

Contacts with the terrestrial beings. He met with the chief of the terrestrial beings, which is

Hydra-headed in nature governing the island. The meeting with this being was a rare one, as

He has to fight with the terrestrial being. After hours of fighting with the being and the being

Could not overcome him, the being asks of what he would like him to do for him. Then he

Replies that he wants to be named among the powerful beings of his days and time. What you

Have asked for is a not a difficult one but the difficult aspect of it, the hydra-headed being

Replied him is how he will maintain the power that would be bestowed on him. Many a

One has been given power, but only few have been able to maintain the power he stated to

Him. I will maintain my own if you give me he replied the spiritual being with many heads.

What you only have to do for me is tell me what I need to be doing to maintain the power

And I will keep to your sayings. That is what others before you have said, but they have not

Been able to maintain the power after the power has been bestowed upon them. None the

Less, I will do what you asked for, bequeath on you the power as well as tell you what you

Need to do to maintain the power. If you can continue to do the simple thing that I will tell

You, I want you to know that you will stay at the pinnacle of the power bestowed on thee

Forever. He thanks the hydra-headed being, asks of what the thing is and it replies that,

What you must be doing is putting yourself under control always, you should be exercising

Patience in dealing with people, be slow to anger, quick to hear and slow to reply what you


Have heard, especially during the period when you have been pushed to the wall by the

Enemies and the oppositions. He promised to do this, though he knows that he is the kind of

Person that is easily pushed to the wall, easily angered, but since this is the requirement to

Stay at the top, he promises to do that to stay at the top ever like few of the ancient

Founders of the island whose stories he has heard from the elderly ones within the island. As

You are making a promise to do this, consider everything you have asked for done unto you,

Yea some of the things that you have not asked for would come along thine path because

Associated with the power that you will being to exercise from thenceforth is blessings,

Honor, promotion, and glory. You therefore need to know that you have been empowered

With great power of the gods of the island and whatsoever thou touch, the gods have touched, anyone whom you are annoyed with, the gods are annoyed with the person, all the war that you shall be going to from thenceforth consider it that you have won those wars, this

Is because I am the chief of the gods of this territory and nothing can be done without my involvement by the gods, any of the gods who wants to go against my wish shall be dethroned and disappointed. Since you have become mine today, you will surely be

Overcoming all enemies irrespective of their locations in as long as continue to keep to the end of thine bargain he emphatically stated as he disappears from his presence. He was elated to hear this touched the ground and his chest thrice, saying that his heart should receive

money, children, and fame. After the departure of the chief of the gods of the island which is the hydra-headed monster, he sits down to reflect on his life, for he knows that his major problem since his childhood days has been anger.