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"The Ends of Everything" and "Currents"- Two Imagery Poems

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Poems From the Soul


Authors' Note

The following two free verse poems I wrote center more around imagery than meaning. Although both are about love and passion, I let my mind wander and my thoughts and ideas put together an imagery filled romantic darkness in each of these poems. The images paint a picture of love, much like music, or a dance, or currents in the wind. Things that you cannot see but can feel with every fiber of your being. How being in love and being with someone can feel like the end of it all, when it's just the two of you against the world, and the world feels like it is crumbling under your feet. I guess that is the image that I was trying to portray in both of these poems, but what I really love about them is the imagery, the scenery, the way I painted a picture in my mind of these two poems and used that to craft these pieces. They are not perfect by any means, but mere reflections of thoughts and imagery and things that were in my head at the time. I think a lot of my poetry is like that: endless thoughts that are just spilled out onto the page, waiting to be formed into some kind of structure. However, I like the unstructured, messy poems; the ones that don't rhyme; the ones that break all the rules. Those are the ones I always remember, because those are the poems that stick out in my mind.


"The Ends of Everything"

Sitting in the middle of the room, legs crossed, headphones in

Drowning in the sea of color below me

Swimming in rhythms cascading down from the walls

Dripping down and painting my face and arms and legs

Wrapping me up in rhythmic love and comfort and warmth

Falling in love with the way the wind sounds running past my ears

As I hear the echoes and beats and harmonies ringing inside me

Running out into the sun, I catch a glimpse of the sunset.

Just past the tips of the grass, collapsing in the middle of it all,

I wait for the stars to shine so bright above us

Spinning around as the world spins beneath us

Two hearts growing into the grass, rooting themselves in the earth

We're digging for the seeds we planted so long ago

Underneath the soles of our shoes,

We hear the ground shaking, rising up

Resounding with the sweet sounds of our souls

Lifting us up together, we are breaking through the sky

You and I spinning through time

Bright orange lights come sailing through the skies

Crashing down on us, causing us to stumble

To collapse as we run deep into the woods

And fall down.

As we look up, we can see a white light from above glistening,

Shining down on you and me,

And before the world collapses, and everything fades away,

I look over into those deep eyes, and I sigh, and I see you laugh

That's the last thing I will ever want to see

Your smile and your eyes, they are the ends of everything,

We are the ends of everything.



I walk by in the cool autumn air

My feet slipping on fresh leaves, brown and wasted on the ground

Just behind the glimmer of the sun's rays, I see your face

The eyes that won me over so many times before

All I can do is bleed out in the street

Thinking of the most beautiful pieces of our hearts

Spilled out across this town, floating through the current of the wind,

Above the sky, beyond the clouds, I see your face going up and smiling down

Your love cascading down on me in waves of passion

Underneath the glow of the moon at night

As I look out my window and wonder if you are sitting across the world

Laughing, smiling, crying, or thinking of us right now

Even though I can't really tell, I'm still under that love spell

Hoping that one day you will feel the music deep within your veins

As I do. The music that fills my heart, that won't let go,

That keeps playing over and over, until I take my final bow,

And I take one last breath in this world...

© 2022 Anne Marie Carr

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