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The Endless Waltz of the Sun and Moon

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The Sun and Moon once fell in love

They’d roam together from the skies above

There was no darkness but only light

But it wasn’t called day, either a night

The Earth was good and the creatures were free

But one fateful moment, the Sun and Moon got greedy

They abandoned the Earth to live a life together

Away from the responsibilities and problems to ponder


The Earth was somber and left with desolation

And the pitch black darkness went on for eons

The creatures cried out and prayed to Kosmos

To bring forth light and warmth to Earth

The Kosmos finally woke up from the call

Only to see the lightless Earth so dull

He was enraged that the whole universe roar

His titanic wrath awaits the traitors


He brought back the Sun and Moon in place

With a curse of an unending chase

Kosmos forbids them to be together

So he separated one from the other

The moon wept and her tears fell on Earth

To which monsters and hideous creatures emerge

The Sun couldn’t be less forlorn

He cried out fire to which clouds were torn

The Kosmos stole their godly twins

To pay the price of their fatuous sins

He named one Night who shall secure the darkness

And the other Day who shall sway the light

From that moment on,

The Sun never stopped chasing the Moon

And the Moon watched the Sun descend in the sea

and rise above the sandy dune


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