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The Endless Survival

I am so tired, yet I am still fighting the universe from its fraudulence.

Why am I doing this?

Why do I have to experience such sufferings?

Am I not enough to become a nice person?

My mind tells me to keep moving forward finding the light of this tunnel.

There are so many mysteries hidden in this cave

And I should face it to fight my fears.

The outside world is waiting for me, for I am the hope of the future.

For I am the key of the bright civilization where corrupted governance is abolish.

I want to save the world from being polluted.

I believe that the universe has more surprises to give,

So I have to keep going.

I must fight for my dreams.

The darkness won't let me emancipate,

Unless I use my own knowledge to set myself free.

The maze of defiance will not end here,

But I have to stand strong, or I will be defeated by my own delusions.

For life is an endless survival.

© 2019 word'catcher

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