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The End of a Busy Day

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How Soon We Move On

Lets not forget

We put in the time and the energy

Doesn't it count for something

A day of work

On our feet

Lifting and bending when necessary

Our bodies absorb the impact

A sore shoulder blade and a stiff back

How lucky am I to have only two things aching me

It wasn't long before I was so glad to be home

My body may have been put through the ringer

It is all over now

As I hop into a piping hot shower

The heat so intense but so worth it

Reaching so many places at once

My tired muscles started feeling better

As I scrubbed my body from head to toe

Then again because it felt so good

I didn't want to leave the shower

I rub my feet back and forth on the prickly bath mat

Massaging my tired feet

What a wonderful feeling it is

The steam in my bathroom

Separates me from the rest of the world

Only to feel good again

After a good night sleep

I will be ready to tackle the world

Doing my bit

Working and contributing my own unique part

To make today better than the one before

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