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The End Is Really Just A New Beginning

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Don't Be Sad Be Happy

For the longest time

Everytime something good ends

I get very depressed

I wonder why couldn't it continue

If it's a program on t.v.

A way we use to do things

People we know and love

Times change

People change

With change comes a beautiful new start

I think of all the things that I enjoyed overtime

Then one day they were no longer

What I failed to see

Is the beauty in a brand new experience

It would of never happened

If we never changed

Then there is a wonderful magic that happens

We once again

Find a way

To feel amazing

We get excited and are feeling good

How can that be ?

When we were so down and out

It doesn't feel right

We don't have to let go

We have the ability to think of all the memories we have had

Sharing those in stories

Triggering our old loves

Connecting the best of both worlds

Now we have learned to focus on what is really important

Living and creating

Making today special and tomorrow beautiful too

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