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There's a Ladybug in My Bed

Lora has been a featured writer in poetry publications. She is currently working on a collection of poems that feature ladybugs.


The following poem is about a ladybug who takes a little girl on a dream filled journey to a magical town of ladybugs. One, who is charmingly eccentric, dazzles you with her exceptionally fashionable clothes while one owns a bakery and can make the most exquisite pastries ...still another has a house with so many stairs that you lose count. With coordination and grace, one can be seen riding a unicycle while another one rides a tricolored tricycle. There's a ladybug who scoots around in a sporty car...why there's even an opera star, yet another who claims he's been to Alpha Centauri and Mars! But no town would be complete without a Mayor who loves to orate in the town square about new plans for Ladybugville which make all the ladybugs ever so happy!

There's A Ladybug In My Bed

There's a ladybug in my bed,

painted on a pillow case beside my head.

I see her black spotted and red

with a little mischievous grin,

and a tiny dimple on her chin.

When I fall fast asleep,

I could swear she comes alive

and holding onto my hand,

together, we fly to a wondrous place far away

where ladybugs live and play.


There's a ladybug who has a house

with so many stairs that I lose count.


Another whose taken such care

in the selection of her fashionable clothes

that I've ever seen anyone wear!


Then there's one who owns a bakery

who makes strawberry tarts

with the most delicate puff pastry;

they can only be described as scrumptuously tasty.


Why, there's even a town square

with a banner hanging over the rostrum;

to a crowd still gathering...

a microphone squeaks,

suddenly, the Mayor begins to speak.


One can see his distinguished figure

with his stove top hat towering above the rest-

in tuxedo he is dressed.

As he speaks about the plans for the new year

there is a slight pause...

before the ladybugs breakout with thunderous applause.

There's a ladybug who drives a sporty car.

One who even chauffeurs, with Rolls Royce, an opera star.

With coordination and grace, another ladybug rides a unicycle

while a very little one can be seen riding a tricolored tricycle.


But the one that captures my imagination by far...

is the one who insists he's been to Mars

and Proxima Centauri, the sun's closest star!


The next morning I wake to find

myself back in my cozy bed

with the little ladybug painted on a pillowcase

beside my head.

Lying perfectly still,

just as the ladybug prints on my quilt,

I say to my little friend, "why...

I think I see a twinkle in your eye."

-Lora Hollings

© 2020 Lora Hollings

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