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The Enchanting Moonlight From Above

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


Lay with me under the bright moonlight.
Hear the calm of the night.
I see the moisture in your eyes.
Hold on to me as you surrender your thoughts to the darkness.
They tell of a time long ago.

Speak to me of your sorrow and pain.
Reveal yourself to me and all you are.
I will hold you as revered and loved unconditionally.
We sleep together soon to meld into one energy.
Dream with me as we fly amongst the stars.

Your source of being is my source being centered.
I find in you a beautiful fragrance of frankincense.
Your necklace is adorned with crystals.
Crystals that cleanse us as we lay together under the moonlight.
Finding peace with one mind, one spirit, and loving as one entwined body.

Flesh upon flesh, warm and tender.
We complete our love, light and peaceful being as an offering to the universe.
Giving freely our entirety to our creator and one another.
We shift our fears far from our minds.
No longer to be down trodden with worry.

In loving, we find the peace and trust we need of each other.
Silently we embrace with our eyes, looking deep into one another.
As we center on the connection of our being, our hearts absorb the unconditional love we longingly seek.

One on one, in touch with each other.
Falling into an intoxicating embrace we find our reason for being.
With our courage as a guide we continue to seek wisdom from the moonlight above.
Our faith and trust keeps us balanced with the energy of the universe as we finally find belonging and serenity.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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