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The Empty Room - A Poem About Breaking Up

What is The Poem About?

The Empty Room is a poem about breaking up and leaving a relationship without really leaving. Sometimes you can be gone without being gone, still sharing the same house but living different lives.

Relationships are hard and sometimes even when you stay together the room is empty. This is a poem about leaving a relationship, by checking out emotionally rather than actually separating.

The End

The End

The Empty Room

No one has ever been in an empty room. If the room was ever filled, it is empty now. And, the door never opens, until it's done.

Who was I leaving behind? Did I miss them? Did they miss me?

Until the door closed, I could not know the answers.

I would always wonder, and wonder.

And, wonder.

There are more ways to leave than there are to enter, but all the doors leave you behind. Once the door closes, it is done.

There are plenty of other doors, and plenty of ways to leave, but that one was done.

When I finally arrived, the living room was empty.

In the other room, I found the woman I was looking for.

Sitting on the ground. Right on the side of the room, staring at the window. The light from the window was reflected back in her eyes.

The window was like a mirror, and the woman was gazing back at me.

I looked back, and stared at the mirror. And, I looked at the woman staring back at me.

No one was there.

Everything was still.

Nothing moved.

That was a door.

Once the door was shut, the mirror was done.

There was no looking back.

Once the door was closed, the mirror was done.

And, it was done with me.

The mirror left me to its emptiness. And, so, did that room, the walls, the house, and that woman.

And, once again, I entered the dark hallway, and once again, I walked to the front door.

Once again, I opened it.

Once again, I walked away.

And, once again, that was done.

But, this time, I did not walk away from everything.

Once again, I left the front door open.

Once again, I left the house light on.

Once again, I was alone.

Once again, I did not close that door.

Once again, I looked back at the woman.

Once again, I saw the woman staring at me.

I never looked away; everything was still.

The door was done.

No more door.

There were more ways to leave.

© 2021 Robert P

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