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The Empath in its Unclassified Ebbs

whistling under the mistletoe to the sacred bo tree

the sound reverberates in the hand of origami master

in his fingers have flipped the arcane technique

an aura has leaked creating a mirror lake

through my glass sight the world is thorough saturnine

i wake up in a splash of water yet i'm in its shape

in an orb of green pasture yet deadly maelstrom

vis-a-vis the puppeteer, the howling ghost and the puppet

they stand for bully, victims, and bully-victims

maybe they have porcelain skin but sure they're bruised

an empath is an angel clad in a mummy's wrap

that flips the pages of your heart's content

he understands and feels your rings of pain; and

bares in mind that Halloween cannot be turned to harlequin

and where they poke fun doesn't tickle anymore

pick the cotton in your ears and open your mind

let's untie the knot in his heart and ours to bind

hear his howl and listen to your pain

the cry in pain is a heart in chain

as a puppeteer becomes himself:

i know not a place to stand on earth

when i saunter my steps, it's swallowed by bogs

and the hearts of home is in the house of cards

i heard symphonies but all are shouts

as the heaven collapsed it sent force of fist

a loner among my peers; end in the line among the throng

an easy target among blush of boys

finding me a soft spot that i hide it best

till can no longer hide it that i put in valve

and the pump just flows in my tuck of sleeve

they poke my bruised flesh until it bleeds

and when they're sick of blood they left me bare in the cold

they leave me no leeway so i shut my door

definitely, i untie my shoe lace to wrangle my neck

that absolves the pain that dies through tears

i am once a howling ghost in a ring of limbo

killing myself to no avail is a bit disgrace

so i take the other side to find the end of the loop

and the anger eats me ; the violence is in my hand

now, i wreak chaos at my own disposal

then the henchman enters, the puppet squad:

build yourself an iron fortress not to see you through

it's a sacrifice, even dew rusts you to death

cause they'll pity you just a bit of a sec

for where a puppet's strong is his weakest point

the cycle of hatred and vengeance stays in this motion

where survival of the fittest is the only notion

until is broken by the higher- ups of integrity

not of puppet itself in a blind eyes and deaf ears

but people who truly cares

don't poke fun on the soft spot that's meant to be kiss

in a singe touch that aches but still can be healed

treat it like how you treat phobia- bear the pain

for every rainbow exists after a rain

do put your heart up with the sky.

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