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The Emergence of Guerilla Warriors #3

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


This the lady got the wind of where she was and she knows immediately that it was the

Handiwork of the man. But what she was doing is important it is for the freedom of the

Youths, it is for the freedom of the island. Though she made an attempt of leaving the place

But when she was been talked to by one of the leaders of the group, who says, they have

Placed a member close to her father and there are people who are watching over her family,

That nothing would happen to her father, he will not be able to kill her, and other than what

Happened to the family no other terrible thing would happen again. she believed them

And continues with what she was doing at where she was been secretly kept. By the time

She completes her training among other things that she was passing through there, majority

Of the weapons that the Youths have planned to use against their enemies have been

Successfully smuggled into the island and the know it is a “go-go” any moment from then.

Then during their meeting they had agreed that they need to use someone to initiate the

The fire fight. And since the man has been troubling the lady, they had agreed that she is

The one that would be used to initiate the fire fight, she will get back to the island and would

Sell lies to the man of her whereabout and would pressurize him to releasing her father.

While she returns to the island, a member had phoned the man to tell him that he sighted

The lady around her father’s house, almost immediately he has sent people for her. The lady

Followed them and on getting feigned ignorance, asking the man how he knows that she has

Arrived for she is yet to remove the cloth on her when his people arrived. The man told

Her that he has people all over the place searching for her, they have been paid to do the job

Then she says, she does not know that he was sincere to what he has been telling her all these

While and now that she has arrived she desires to comply with his wishes. The man was

Elated to hear this, and would tell her that, her siblings while being taken to him had told her

That her father is in police custody, she wants him to release her father. The man pressed a

Button and a messenger appeared whom he sent to the commissioner of police to release

Her father for he has no case to answer again. After freeing the man, the lady insists that until

He creates an office for her she will not do anything and the man creates a special office for

Guerrilla Warfare - NU.Wav

Her immediately. The office, which was created to her, she leaked the secrets to the

Youths who initiated problem in the island, that someone who has been out of the town has

Secured a job, while those who have been around could not secure an employment. As the

Heat of this continues to heat the polity of the island as it has been planned some of the

Youths began carrying placards and they have been gathering at strategic positions within

The island. This the government of the island does not want for she has painted a picture of

“All is Well with the Island” to the global communities through their spokespersons. To

Curtail the Youths soldiers and other paramilitary personnel have been deployed to the island

To shoot at sight any of the youths who they see carrying placards. Their insiders have sent

Signals to them of the leadership of the island’s decision and of the need to arise to the

Occasion immediately. Since they have prepared for this in various forms, they have emerged

Like ants from beneath the soil to match those government sent force men strength for

Strength, weapon for weapon and the soldiers of the government were surprised to see the

Kinds of weapons the Youths have with them and that they were masters of its uses. Many of

The soldiers and paramilitary men of the government were killed. The man who lusts after

The lady was apprehended by the people and though him many of the government

Officers were apprehended and detained by the Youths and this was the beginning of the

Revolution that swept over the island which lasted for months before the international

Communities could wade into the matter and brokered a truce between the Youths and

The leaderships of the island. Through this the Youths take over the mantle of leadership of

The island.


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