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The Emergence of Guerilla Warriors #2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


They have well-structured template which they are following, and the people who are

Left behind in the island also have local plans which they are carrying out for the group.

They have planted some of them in the sensitive areas of the leaderships, they have people

Among the immigration, customs, and other forces of the island who were giving them

Information of what the plans of the leadership of the island was on them. through those

Youths who they have positioned at the immigration and custom, those outside the island

Could smuggle into the island some deadly weapons, which on getting to the island they

Have assembled themselves. Before the leadership of the island knows what is happening the

Group has grown into small army ready for war against the soldiers of the island and any of

Her paramilitary forces to bring them to a standstill since they have ignored the peaceful

Demonstrations and their clarion calls of the need for a change in the island. One of them

Who was not known was stimulated by others to ignite the fight. She has been troubled by

One of the leaderships of the island, for the man says he wants to have fun with her at

All cost despite the lady saying she is engaged and she is not ready for any relationship with

The man, the man insists that if she does not comply with his wishes in peace, he will force

Her to succumb to his wishes because the power is with them, and since she is a nobody’s

Daughter, she will rot in jail, he has threatened her. She has been updating the group

Members of the man’s threats. At the initial time, the people have taken her into a closet

Away from the hands and sights of the man. Where she was taken to was one of the

Remotest places of the island and there she has been empowered with their local charms,

During the process of doing this, the man has sent powerful delegates to the lady’s parents

That they need to present the lady to the man. The lady’s parents have said they do not

Know her whereabout because she is a lady that has come of age and if it has not been for

The situation of the island that left many youths impoverished she ought to be in her

Husband’s house now even if she has not secured job, but she is jobless and all the youths

Are jobless that is why she is still living with them. they told those people that she may have

Been pitying their condition and have left for one of her friend’s places to be living there

Guerrilla Warfare - HaZe (HVN) (Official Music Video)

Because she used to say she is not happy seeing them the way they live, and that she does

Not wish to add unto their problems. Those sent had told her parents that the leader of the

Island is in charge of jobs creation in the island and would create a job for her if she can

Comply with their leader’s wishes. They replied him that, they know she will comply

With his wishes if she hears of this because she doesn’t want them to suffer. They promised

To fish her out. Some weeks after they had left and there was nothing, they had returned and

Her parents told them they searched all through the places they knew she could be hiding

But there was no trace of her. Then those people have threatened her parents and siblings and

Asked that they produce her within seven days or else something they do not wish for would

Happen to them. After the expiration of the seventh day with nothing to show, the man

Sent to the lady’s family street urchins to the lady’s parents to make it look as if they were

Having problems with the family and it was followed by local police which got to the scene

And arrested every one of them. people who have been seeing the scene was amazed at

The development, and they had said the father was the kingpin of the street urchins and it was

Because he has renege in paying them for the assignment that he has sent them that made

Those people to turn against him and had come to fight with him. Those who had known

The family and the man especially for ages knew that something was amiss somewhere but

They could not fix it. Then those street urchins were released, the wife and the children of the

Man, while the man was held back by the police and imprisoned.


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