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The Emergence of Guerilla Warriors #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The repression of the youths of the island has been on for decades since the island

Have been in existence, the present time youths have for umpteenth time calleth on the

Leaderships of the island to address this because the old who are yet holding on to the

Jugular of leadership in the island is widening by the seconds, yet the vacuum they are

Leaving behind not even their children could fill the vacuum for it is enormous, and they

Have been repeatedly calling on the aged to bridge the gap lest what they do not expect

Happens but they would not listen to the youths because they have the power of the gun

And are yet controlling the island, thence they often times reply the representatives of the

Youths that they should wait for their own time or go and join with some old ones who will

Sell his or her lots to them and get them fixed up. Some of the representatives of the youths

Have been enticed by money among other things that the island possessed so that they join

The caucus of those people. Those people have taken the bait and have broken the truce they

Had signed with the youths for cheap things and have disappointed other Youths by joining

Those old cargoes to be ruling the island as they had wanted. After those people have

Disappointed others, the remnant of them keep holding meetings albeit at a secret places

Where those who had betrayed them would not have access to for they knew if they

Continue to hold their meetings where those people know, they would lead the teams of the

Leaderships military forces to the place to arrest them, detain and kill them. they have done

This before, and they claimed innocence of what had happened despite people seeing

Them when they arrived the place, and on another instance of the gathering of the youths

In the island that they had bombarded and killed youths and some people, who are within the

Guerrilla Warfare - Run It Back (Official Music Video)

Vicinity, there was a person who lives close by the venue of the incident and who had

Taken the photo of the group of people sent by the leaderships of the island on their arrival to

The scene. By the time the people noticed that someone is doing that and they made attempt

At getting him, he had climbed the fence, jumped to the other side and because the people

Do not know the architect of the place very well he had escaped from their hands. This was

How the leaderships of the island kept on harassing the innocent youths. When they noticed

The strategies of the leaderships of the island which is designed at silencing them at all

Cost they had resorted to meet secretly, and had also involved sworn of oath to their members

Of the need to maintain complete secrecy of their movements, dealings, venues, how they

Source for money for themselves to keep themselves going. Another thing which was

Done was that they never used a particular place for the venue of their meetings, they change

The venues of their meeting often and if you are not in their close circuits, you cannot know

Where the next meeting would be held, coupled with some slangs they devised amongst

Themselves which a lay man cannot know except the person has an informant among them.

As they keep on doing, this, they were sincere to their group, and donated lot of money which

They used in sending some of them outside the shores of the island. Those sent outside

The shores of the island left under the auspices of continuing their education outside the

Island, but in their agreement, they were not sent to continue their education outside the

Country but to learn about new technologies, get updated firearms since the leadership

Of the island have resorted to be using firearms against the innocent youths who have been

Demanding for their rights in the island.


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