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The Elliptical Platform in Succeeding in a Corporate World

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Entered the shiny double doors as a present day Barbie

In a Brunette wig sprayed down and pinned back

A model of decorum and repressed emotions

Transformed into a miniaturized piece on a chess board

No longer of the flesh and blood variety show form

Became a piece of clunky white marble slamming around

Made its presence known and unable to sneak around

While looking for an exit off this stupid merry go round

Frustrated that all of the other pieces seem to be faster

And much smarter in the game of manipulation

One turn of the Rook and one wag of the queen's finger

Knights and Kings trembled in their wake

Wanted to be the crème de la crème of this monopoly

Cannot even muster the strength to buff my own rock salt

Not in control of private thoughts and strategies

Let alone trying to trump all of the other high scoring players

One out of three not too good in blood, sweat and tears department

Assumed it was the last one because emotional thunderstorms

Have been raging aplenty for the past few weeks

Ground completely soaked with way too much salt water

Property damage boundless indoors and outdoors

Support system appeared to be understanding

Wondered how long it would take before those levees broke

For good and the floodgates completely opened up

Don't want to end up in another precarious position

Once was enough 8 months ago

Not eager for another sequel of that twisted saga

Willing to take my lumps and take my medicine

Want to get back and feel like a human being

Worthy of love, happiness and success in whatever capacity

Just have to get through this week in order to truly explore it.

Can't be too bad of a wait; my parents waited 9 months for me.

A few days drop in the bucket by comparison

Counting down the hours before the batteries can be recharged

Not soon enough.

The game has been set, but is it also rigged?

The game has been set, but is it also rigged?