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The Elf from Guelph

I enjoy expressing my thoughts through poetry, travel, well-being, and business tips.

There is a sweet Elf (named Ernie) from Guelph

He does not always sit still upon a shelf

He gets out and about in the city

To not explore the Royal city would be a pity

He likes to say Hi to all types of people

And gaze up at our pretty church steeple

Especially during the holiday season;

It gives him an extra special reason

He doesn’t only just care for himself;

This dreamy and nice Ernie the Elf from Guelph

He brings lots of gifts to girls and boys

All the colorful and fun and cool good toys

After he strolls through the forest he sees other elves

A good bunch who care about more than themselves

They meet all together and share the seasons spirit

And sing many carols so loud we all hear it!

In the snow dusted streets they will joyfully sing;

Warmth and comfort during the holidays they bring

The Elf from Guelph then goes home for a rest

Knowing he and his friends wish all people the best.

© 2019 Nella DiCarlo

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