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The Element of Surprise

Makes A Great Story

Makes an even better life story

Most of us have a regular routine

Some people are lucky enough to break away

From the day to day hum drum part of the time

To make their life more special and interesting at every turn

I find it not only fun but necessary

To keep our sanity and peace of mind

Work has it's purpose and so does a good schedule

We not only get things done but do it with the utmost efficiency

My wife tends to be a more rigid list kind of person

I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants type of guy

Both together we off set each other

Each day is different even though I beg it to be the same

I like the way my life is right now

Changes even for the good

Throw me for a loop

I figure if I can push out ten or so years of the good stuff

Then I can take the next ten years of change

I like to try one and then the other

Even though I know it never ever happens that way

There is always room for improvement

A few people would say error

I love it when I am home and it is peace and quiet

I can hear myself think

I try to hear my heartbeat

Feel the inner workings of my soul

Drink a nice glass of ice cold water

I pretend to fill my body up with gratitude and forgiveness

Then I usually fall off to sleep

When I open my eyes

A new moment appears different than the one before

I begin again

As soft as a cool breeze

Tingling in all the right places

What a beautiful start

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