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The Element of Surprise


Makes A Great Story

Makes an even better life story

Most of us have a regular routine

Some people are lucky enough to break away

From the day to day hum drum part of the time

To make their life more special and interesting at every turn

I find it not only fun but necessary

To keep our sanity and peace of mind

Work has it's purpose and so does a good schedule

We not only get things done but do it with the utmost efficiency

My wife tends to be a more rigid list kind of person

I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants type of guy

Both together we off set each other

Each day is different even though I beg it to be the same

I like the way my life is right now

Changes even for the good

Throw me for a loop

I figure if I can push out ten or so years of the good stuff

Then I can take the next ten years of change

I like to try one and then the other

Even though I know it never ever happens that way

There is always room for improvement

A few people would say error

I love it when I am home and it is peace and quiet

I can hear myself think

I try to hear my heartbeat

Feel the inner workings of my soul

Drink a nice glass of ice cold water

I pretend to fill my body up with gratitude and forgiveness

Then I usually fall off to sleep

When I open my eyes

A new moment appears different than the one before

I begin again

As soft as a cool breeze

Tingling in all the right places

What a beautiful start


DREAM ON (author) on May 11, 2018:

Gypsy Rose Lee Once in Florida it is easy to travel anywhere from there. I know you will have about ten hubs describing your trip and your experiences. Such an exciting time. How many years has it been since you have been in the states ? All the differences since the last time you were here ? What it was like to go through customs ?How long of a trip? The first friends you make? What job you take ? Their are lots of seafood restaurants in Florida , Maine and Massachusetts. Once you gain some experience their are so many opportunities. Very good money can be made as a waitress. Most places will train you. There are also good possibilities of working in a hotel. Depending on what you like to do? I am filled with happiness for you. The time will be here before you know it. Life is amazing. The people we meet and the things we learn. Creative ideas come to us all the time. Staying with an idea and seeing it through is the hard part. Thank you for keeping me updated and please let me know of any changes. I love seeing the progress. My life is pretty structured and my daily routine doesn't change much. Ideas in my life constantly give me a variety. I keep thinking of poems to describe my latest thoughts. Thank you again for reading and sharing. Have a great day.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 11, 2018:

You reminded me of something when you mentioned Maine. I remembered by dream of long ago. I really love all kinds of seafood especially lobster. Then I read that in Maine lobster is like gold. So my dream was to open a seafood shop where you can buy fresh seafood, from where restaurants and such places can place orders for fish and lobster, where people can buy ready to go seafood and finally a seafood cafe/restaurant. Anyway, as you see a business that covers all angles. It is probably something that only a millionaire could consider but it had long been a dream of mine at one time when I was considering moving back. Now I have no idea what I will do but I believe I will be in Florida. Perhaps a cafe/bar on the beach???? I will let you know how I decide to travel. Perhaps arriving in Maine on a lobster boat??? LOL You see my imagination is ever at work. Wishing you and yours a sunny weekend.

DREAM ON (author) on May 09, 2018:

Dim Flaxenwick I know we all move on and I guess I am an old stick in the mud. I enjoy so many friends that have shared their thoughts and friendships through their writing. I will always cherish. Many people stop writing and I never hear what happens to them. They either forget or don't care about writing no more. I feel different. I write about today and tomorrow. Before it happens, during and after because this is what I find important. We live in a fast paced world where yesterday is a thing of the past. Today is a time to rush through and get it over as fast as you can. The future is uncertain and so many find new things to complain about. Well I am a dreamer and I also cover all three but in a different way. Yesterday is a day that we both lived. We made it through the good, bad and the ugly. We can joke about it and talk about it forever. We get to share all of the above. Most of all we can roll it all in a ball and bounce it again and again. We also can throw it off the wall and see what sticks. Today is time well spent with anyone who enjoys their life as much as I do. The people that take time out of their day to say hello means the world to me. They are friends and friends for life. Tomorrow hasn't happened yet. If we play our cards right we can have endless moments of joy and fun. Even through the toughest times we can give comfort to each other because we want to not because we have to. So if at anytime you want to say hello you can e-mail me day or night. Go to any hub and have a laugh. My joy in writing is making people understand I just want to make a bad day better. Keep the good days flipping and flopping like a fish out of water. Then we can see all the great times and relive them like a beautiful sunrise and sunset. There is no end just another incredible day to experience. Thank you so much for commenting and keeping me in your thoughts. You are also in my thoughts and prayers. Even though darkness has filled the air. The time is 10:00 P.M. here. I am up all hours of the night. I work nights so I go to bed anywhere from 3 to 5 A.M. When I close my eyes I see bright and sunny skies that light up my life. Tomorrow morning I try to get up as early as possible to see if my night vision was correct. Thank you so much and please keep in touch when you are able to. You made tonight more beautiful. Dream Big and Dream On.

Dim Flaxenwick from Great Britain on May 09, 2018:

Hi there Dream On. I am so happy to see you're still writing. I remember how your encouraging comments helped me many times. I have fallen by the wayside slightly for the past couple of years. I am still alive but seem unable to be creative these days. I must drop in and read your work more often. Thanks for rememberING me.

DREAM ON (author) on May 09, 2018:

Michael-Milec You remind me of an English teacher I once had. I would write and write to try to express my thoughts. With one line or two she knew how to say it even better. Thank you for always expressing your deepest passion and kindness. I don't know how to thank so many people that give so much. Words never seem to be adequate. There is so much more we feel in our bodies that makes each day so fulfilling.I feel like a Boston Creme pie just oozing with filling. Thank you for your comments and support. I hope today you get the rest and peacefulness you deserve. Talk soon.

DREAM ON (author) on May 09, 2018:

Merlene Bertrand The start is easy to finish is the hard part.I love to start so many projects but then time cuts me off. Like an alarm clock in the middle of my best sleep. I first say leave me alone and then I realize I have to get up and go on with my day. I want to be at three places at once. I know right now it is impossible. Maybe sometime in the future we can change that. i am working every day towards that goal. There is so many good and lovable moments in life. They are weaved into the friendships we have made, So as I live my life and it connects with other people in thought and we join as one. Even for a second we share the same feeling. Then we may go in two different directions only to clash on other thoughts. Then pair up again on some more magical moments. I love the richness. The beauty. Thank you so much for reading and caring. May today bring you happiness that you always wanted and now even better you get to share it with someone else.

DREAM ON (author) on May 09, 2018:

Nikki Khan I love following your tips and suggestions. Life is so short. The time we realize what we could be doing it can be to late. So every day changes just a little and if we embrace change into our lives we can keep rediscovering the beauty that makes us all live and breathe.Sometimes it takes me awhile to get back to everyone, I get busy with my work that pays the bills. Writing is my passion but it lights my fire and my desires. It hasn't given me enough money to buy a cup of coffee. What it has done is given me the power and the joy to live and love the world and all the people that make it so special. That is more important than money any day. So if I spend an hour here or ten minutes tomorrow. Then four to five hours the next day. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you so much for reading and coming along on my beautiful, little adventures. May today start out beautiful and end up amazing.

DREAM ON (author) on May 09, 2018:

Gyspy Rose Lee I love all of your ideas. I am afraid no matter which way I pick might be good for me but not the best for you. To confuse things I would say just move to Maine and that changes everything, Moving is life changing. I would think the best move would be the simplest and the cheapest. Then again if you have to move again that is going to cost more money, I would move to a place i think I would like where I have friends to help me. I know it won't be long before you make new friends because you are so likable. Friends help us out in the toughest times. They always got our back. They see we don't get into trouble. They enjoy our friendship and have a long history to prove it. They want us to be happy. They pull us out of our pity parties when we are down. For me I moved from Massachusetts to Maine and it was a hard move. Only two states away. You are traveling so much farther. I will support any of your decisions. This one you have to do on your own. I personally find Florida too hot. So many people would rather live no where else. Flying is very safe. I would fly. It is the quickest way. If you want to experience France or other places that could be an adventure as well as a move. You might like it so much and stay in France, I would travel all over the world if I could. I am in a job that I cant get the time off and I don't have the money either. So it is something I say I will do when I retire. I am honored that you would ask my opinion. You can always e-mail me any thoughts you get. I appreciate your friendship very much. I would do a hub on traveling. See what responses you get from people that travel a lot more than me. They can give you the plus and negatives so you can make up your best decision. I have only flown about ten times in my life. There are people that fly every week. They would give you many reasons why to do or not to fly. I flew right after September 11th happened and it was very scary. It was probably the safest time to fly. I had a wonderful flight then and every flight since 1991 has been excellent. I will look forward to see your hub and I will be sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out what you decide. Thank you for reading and sharing another poem and deep thought. June is such a pretty time of the year. What a splendid time to travel. Please stay positive and do what you do best. Show the world beauty in your talented and skilled way.

DREAM ON (author) on May 09, 2018:

Dora Weithers I close my eyes often to feel not what I see on the outside but what is exposed in the inside. Many times it can be two entirely whole different feelings. I try to interpret each and put each feeling together in different shapes and forms. Then I sit down to take those thoughts sometimes random or just a flash and make sense of them. By writing them out and rolling them over and over like a cookie maker uses dough. In the end I can only pray you have one of the smoothest or crunchiest cookie you ever desired. See how both can be two extremes. I am trying to match my writings to feelings that we all have. Many times the cookie comes out awful. Then I know I have to try harder. Not give up but use a different approach. Rewrite, rewrite and rewrite. I am not sad. I am excited. Once again an odd feeling for a very difficult moment. I know what I want to say and back to the drawing board. The old expression holds true that's how the cookie crumbles. So again and again I keep at it until I create something I thought wasn't possible. Until I was put to the test and challenge and wrote my way through it. I just want you to know I have a very bad history of bombing on tests. It never stopped me from going forward. Trying again. If I can fail so many times then you can laugh at me and when it happens to you, you can find a way through. No matter how difficult. You can always say at least I wasn't as bad as dream on. I will take that as a compliment. I have found a way to take the rough edge off life and make it slippery, Not smooth. Smooth would mean it was perfect. The way it should be. For me it is never that way. I have made it slippery by mistake trying to make it smooth. In the end you can't hold on to mine long enough to complain. So you don't know what to think and quite frankly neither do I. All I can honestly say is I tried and so can you. Thank you so much for reading and laughing with me.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 07, 2018:

"I like the way my life is right now / Changes even for the good / Throw me for a loop." I think this is a portrait of contentment. This is a good prerequisite attitude for "a beautiful start."

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 06, 2018:

Loved your poetic story. Time is flying by. I have something to shoot at you. I will be ready for travel sometime in June. I have two choices. It is easy to take a plane from Riga to Oslo to Florida. However no having traveled since the terror acts started I am quite worried about flying high. Two other choices finding a cargo ship that takes some passengers and sailing over with my stuff obviously pretty cheap or finding someone to transport me and some stuff to France and taking a passenger liner over. I value your opinion what do you think? I am going only one way and I have no hurry getting there.

Michael-Milec on May 03, 2018:

You are covering a bulk of good choices.

Actions / work it all is necessarily in life as means of mere existence we are obliged to do, why not having "fun"in order to make it enjoyable.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on May 03, 2018:

What a beautiful start, indeed. I enjoyed the flow of this one.

Nikki Khan from London on May 03, 2018:

‘There is always room for improvement, a few people would say error’, loved this line.No matter what happens there are always possibilities for the best,, need some firm will and positive vibes to achieve that very best.

Loved to read your heartfelt thoughts in form of poetry Dream On, bless you and your family.

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