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The Effects of Stockholm Syndrome


I beseech you to stay
and I need you to quell
the demons in my brain
with your poisonous quill

Write me that you hate me
Write me we're a mess
With blades in our backs
and holes in our chest

A fragile piece of trash
With a multitude of sins
begging for your hand
but there's bruises on my skin

Even though I'm hurt
Battered and abused
and I know it's unfair
I want to be used

Connected to my pain
Your weapon is your voice
Your weapon is the fact
That I don't have a choice

I tell you that I love you
You just stare, annoyed.
With no sense of comfort
of course I'm paranoid

You were so alluring
Your pulchritude enticed
but elixir turned to absinthe
In the moment of a night

I'm broken into pieces
You shape them just to pick
the version that you want of me
and honestly it's sick

I just want to love you
No matter what the cost
but I've taken so much punishment
I'm already lost

You're my guiding light
My lighthouse beaming
You're my sunshine
and my moon in the evening

I'll be here for you
til' you shoot me in the head.
by the time you realize it
I'm already dead.

I've dealt with this before...

It was one of the worst things I think I've ever dealt with. If you are going through something like this, know that there are resources out there that can help you through this rough time.

The hotline for domestic violence is:
24 HOUR HOTLINE: 1-877-988-5559

Some of the music I listened to while writing this. You may enjoy it as well.

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