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The Edge of Torment

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.



Indulge yourself and come away with me into a wild world of discovery.
We’ll embrace the rhythm of the sea and swim beside the manatees.
We’ll look up and stare in awe at the distant stars.
We’ll follow the whisper of the winds and fly to Venus and Mars.

You know, the history of time is already over.
It moves so fast that our minds are playing ‘catch up’.
We’re just remnants of a dead society long ago gone, solar trash of the galaxy.
We have traveled several lifetime’s over several millennia.

I believe time has not been canceled and our imagination is but the mind without limits.
Indulge me if you will and take my hand.
We’ll soar beyond our recollections to the beauty of castles in the air.
We’ll find nostalgia and affection in visions of the past.

Our paths have crossed so many times,
Crisscrossed through the millennia as spent seasons under the sun.
I will continue the dream and endure the torture.
While the universe stands still our paths are delicately arranged.

We are magnets drawn together unable to separate.
Time will stand in for the duration when we come together.
I allow the torment to torture my senses.
The torture is alluring.

Come to me in the night and clear the fog from my mind.
Allow my torment to find you and satisfy your urges.
Feel with me my torment as we embrace to complete our torture.
Come now as we satisfy our urgent torment and it sends us over the edge back into the sea.

© 2021 Laurie S Novak