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The Earth Blooms In Roses

Terrie is a mother and her love of writing poetry, music, and quotes have led her back, to explore more of her creative side.

Nothing smells as sweet.

As the rose, growing at my feet.

One is not like the other.

The earth brings forth another.

Bringing, memories of summer.

Then with time, blooms in color.

The beauty, of a rose.

Reminds me of my mother.

A love like no other.

When petals fall.

I'll gather them all.

Making sweet rose tea.

I will serve to you and me.

Many a beautiful rose.

Smell heavenly to a nose.

With love blooming forth.

Even growing, in the north.

Roses, give me roses.

Of each and every kind.

Roses, I can't get them off my mind.

The earth blooms in roses.

My Double pink roses.

My Double pink roses.

Beautiful Red Pink and White Roses

Pink, red or white.

They bring such delight.

Please bring me roses.

Happy little roses.

One of every kind.

You will blow my mind.

Pink, Red, and White.

You can smell them at night.

Roses give me roses.

Please bring me roses.

They make my heart shine.

I promise not to whine.

Pink, red and white.

Such beauty, in my sight.

Please pick me a rose.

It tickles my nose.

It fills the room.

With its perfume.

Pink, red and white.

Casting shadows of light.

The sweet smell of roses.

Roses, many roses.

The memories of summer.

I'll never love another.

Pink, red and white.

So now, I say good night.

Roses, beautiful roses.

The earth blooms in roses.


© 2017 Terrie Lynn

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