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The Dawn and The Dusk

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The Dawn

After hours of dark sky

a new day comes by,

Bringing shades of blue and red,

and a tinge of yellow spreading across lines.

While the world sleeps,

some of the sky’s phenomenal colors are missed,

the fresh air with the dewed leaves

and the first rays of the sun falling in it.

Dawn it is,

where new hopes arise with new beginnings,

when a dark sky is painted with colours,

And the dried leaves are covered with droplets of water.


The Dusk

The Sun has passed the horizon

leaving suffused colours of yellow,

marking an end to a day,

and the moments rejoiced.

Dusk it is,

when everyone is deprived of the natural light,

when people revisit their day’s work,

and reform ideas for the next dawn.


© 2020 Ankita B

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