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The Drifter To His Love

Elijah desired a deer's freedom at 7, after new birth, 31 and forsaking judgmental adjectives and all ties his journey to freedom began.

The Drifter To His Love

Each morning as I awake thoughts of you rush to me
even before I open my eyes for the light of day to see.
Those moments are so pleasant as you control my mind
it seems our spirits meet stopping the movement of time.
Then I think of my principles and wonder are they true
'cause I know it's not wrong to spend much time with you.

I know someday I'll be leaving, most likely you won't go,
then will our parting bring sorrow or will it just be so,
will you long for me in mourning wishing my return
or would the joy of our togetherness cause your light to burn?
The problem is not me, I know what I would do,
I would put it in the background, my concern is you.

If you were to go, could you stand beneath the load
of sleeping in the cold or along side the road?
Could you walk the many miles destiny has in store
even when you're tired or on your foot's a sore?

The life I live's not easy, food's not always there,
in times of just enough for one two would have to share.
So I think of you, the life you live, and things accustomed to
and wonder if our togetherness mean so much to you!!

© 2020 Elijah A Alexander Jr

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