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The Drift

I feel it every time

I step outside my door

The drift takes me further away from my reality

Seems recently it’s taken me further than before

To the point where I can’t get back home

And I see things from the other side

Now I have to consider whether or not I want to go back

To that place where uncertainty has made me this way

Or do I let the drift take me deeper into a world where I have to be myself

No matter what the cost


The drift has taken me

Further than I ever thought I’d go.

My reality has hit me

This is what i am

This is my ability

No matter how hard I try

This is what I am capable of

So I accept this

I accept who and what i am

And i must live with the consequences

No matter what.

The drift has shown me who I am.

© 2019 Luke Chant