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The Dreadful Foe

George has a background in business and Chemistry, but spends his free time pursuing his passion in literature and writing.

Illustrated by BeautifulPoem

Illustrated by BeautifulPoem

One of the many dark creatures
That plagues Earth and mankind
Is Fear and such are its features!
If one is unfortunate as to find
Himself in Fear’s tight embrace,
To ensure a quick escape
From its vast complicated maze.

Staying too long in Fear’s grip
Incapacitates us from living at ease
And proves to be an unhappy trip,
Preventing us from getting some peace.
Be wary: for endless fears
Could easily become endless tears.

From whence then came this monster called Fear?
And how to vanquish such loathsome foe?
Of which has the ability as to tear
Our very soul from head to toe,
And making us unable to see reality for what it is?
Our answers lie in a simple truth as this:
Fears, phobias are mere illusions arising from the mind
A cloud that makes our sight out of line

To get rid of such a veil
Is to realise its presence inside of us
And to recognise it to be ultimately unreal
And of the harm that it can cause us.
Such consciousness will loosen Fear’s hold
Even when we face adventures and places untold,
Enabling us to see opportunities
Where once there were only liabilities.

© 2019 George Xu

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