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The Downside of Thinking like a Wall Street Diva

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

When does it mean to be successful truly?

Since the era of the Yuppie, greed has been big with the world

Everyone wants to have more of everything

Too much is never enough to have

Hairspray, shoulder pads and how full your address book is

Society charged that if you lacked any of those things

You were not prosperous in any way shape or form

Okay, the first two went away as soon as the 80s ended

Still, decades may change, but some stuff remains the same

So much is based on upon a supposedly healthy image

Whether it is how many zeroes are in your paycheck

The number of summer homes deeded to you in the Mediterranean

Name of the school on your college diploma ranked up there too

Explained why countless wealthy parents sold their souls

To get their kids into good schools and got charged with felonies

Shame that they didn't let their children work to earn what they got

Unrealistic expectations bred extremely resentful relationships on talk shows

Look at the fashion magazines with the photo shopped supermodels

All of the imperfections carefully edited out with the stroke of the keyboard

Made getting on the scale in your bathroom a depressing affair

One night stand with a bag of Milano cookies and a bowl of chocolate ice cream

Self-confidence down the proverbial drain with each look in the mirror

Wondered what made this real life lump of clay worthy of being sculpted beautifully

Prided myself on being above all the hoopla, but apparently I'm not

When reality stared me in the face that I'm not 22 anymore

The stuff I could get away then with no longer works anymore

Too many rollercoaster ups and downs have occurred to body, mind and soul

In order to bounce back in record time

The spring has finally gone out of this formerly slinky number

Ready to sink into the oblivion of mediocrity

Where nothing matters with being cream of the crop

No need to be Alexis Carrington when there was already one on small screen

Hard enough being yourself without living up to impossible expectations

Especially when your man may have a not so secret crush on latest screen siren

Let's find what makes Iris happy; not let society pigeonhole her into a breakdown

Strip away the artifice of Hollywood phoniness and get down to the bare necessities

Now, this time less will finally be more

Greed can finally take a hike.

A vision of 1980s diva hood at its finest.

A vision of 1980s diva hood at its finest.