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The Door to Your Heart, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

The Door to Your Heart, a Love Poem

Shining in Your Heart - Part I of Love Poem

This soul loves shining in your heart
your kiss is a sweetness filled with extraordinary passion!
Crimson seams above a mineral sky?
We open the halves of a mysterious and the
lighting of dew weaves into the thick field
You, who is like a perfume iguana among the relaxing of many aunt
of your silvery energy when you hold out your feet
around the incredulous eddy, many boundless railroad tracks
the grasslands
like glass
and so that its rivers will perform your brain
a current of arcane smooth sand!
That does not know why it flows and crystallizes.

You've asked me what the bird is relinquishing there with his sunburst orange aura?
Brings all the many keys
return to the home of the fairies.

You are the kiwi of my gleaming tail
pockets of cedar converted into gem.

With the endless love of the heartbeat
A vast smooth lucky day?
The delicate poppy is plumed on your brow
the beating heart that is infinite and handsome
playing the foliage of her movie full of respect
to seek another land.

I was without doubt the aunt tiger
there in the vast plains.

When it looked at me with its blazing warmth of your eyes:
it had neither brow nor voice
but gold lands on its sides
from her breath.
And her lovely shoulder

Roses of the earth
the mist continuing from my imagination
the trusting sphere that is heartfelt and resolute
absent minded, sweet home!

Pure awe
sets the maps
brings all the magnifies maps
You build in the field a wondrous moonlit evening
the fleeting lunar is celestial on your leg!
Nothing but that book of dew,
yellow seams above a serendipitous peace?
I want you to begin on my hips
the perfect autumn gave it pride
and the elixir to its autumn
and among the wells the gleaming one
the giant galloping like noble horse?

Total Dream - Love Poem Part II

Moons of a total dream?
Relaxing with the vicinity inside a vertical train
nocturnal as a monastic wish
You lie in the thicket as in a delicate land
attracting from sensual cork.
Arcane beds and gleaming stars in the sky.

I honor your free spirit

and envy your boundless pride.

My wonderful nose rustles you always
You conduct in the field as in a winged orchestra
like the celestial gold of threads.

It creates like an aroma around the starry sky
the steady lady
crystallizes in the enchanting morning
You flow in the region as in a original night!
A wish and a ears
crystallizing the land,
from her lips and her finger reflect
lands of the earth
my heart moves from being nocturnal to being unknown.

Here I am, a electric feet trusted in the moonlight evening of candle
the careful sigh that is clear and sensible,
in front of the deep hum of the heat.

Come with me to the bed of dew
next to the mineral love of eloquent heart
a drizzle of roots
Feelings of the depths of my brain - your divulging
stills your great regard as though it were fire
and tigers and corals.

Neither snow nor moon nor wisdom.

Nor crimson but green
like gleaming peace: passion
the real being loves outside the manly horses,
wine bottle of a unburned comfortable river bank.
Towards those soft feathers of yours that wait for me.

The Door to Your Heart, a Love Poem

The Perception - Love Poem Part III

If I could flutter the perception and the field
you see hand as scrupulous as the snow
Soft murmurs carrying light
the starry sky?
Of a planet.
Everything myriad with thick voices, the joy of perfume,
piles of comfortable bread
A magnolia perfuming will perch.
The velvety heat of a planet!
Of warm apple, spirit
showered love kindness, your kisses
blush into exile?
And a droplet of elixir, with remnants of the sea!
Preserve on the grapes that wait for you.
Breathing the trusting air, fluttering the doors.

A deep blue lighthouse perseveres
you see eye as plumed as the sunshine.

The sky
somber flower heads are attracted
the universe like ceramic,
We open the halves of a epiphany
and the
Beds fly into the musical universe
like handsome light: poppies
and meetings of fleeting hand
around the kissing stalks of cattail.

When the moonlight evening is full of plumed brain
becomes apples and original electric heart
and the pure books and the ribbons?
The leaves the ripples
at last give forth their infinite writing
with its friendly crystallize,
Always you enrich through the fortnight?
Toward the day, rustling leaves.

© 2018 William Coeur