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The Distinction



Two similar beings with different facility,

Living their life with full loyalty:

Those, who have piles of Gold,

And those, whose self respect is even sold.

Those, who waste their untouched meals,

And those, who just want to touch them and feel.

Those, who have plenty of different dresses to wear,

And those having a single dress with many patches and layers.

Those, who live in bungalows ready to fly high,

And those, who sleep on the road under the open sky.

Those, who lavishly spend and lazily lie,

And those, who collect trash as the day goes by.

Alas! It's hard to remove the discrimination,

Sadly passing on from generation to generation.

It's a matter for awakening the conscience indeed,

Truly now it is man's first need.

At last:

Why this much distinction between two having same appearances ? It's all up to us why we think that poor people are not the part of our societies. Why we let them feel down to us when they are as same as our appearance. Is there is just a discrimination of dress, appearance, color, creed or caste that let us to think such people down to us. It's totally unfair and injustice to them. Stop it.

© 2018 Afifa Saleem

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