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The Disconnected Misfit

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Once believed to be above the fray

Came to the realization that wasn't the case

Just another wolf in the guise of sheep's' clothing

A fraud that pretended to be tougher than they looked

Turned into another episode of Debbie Downer

Hard to be upbeat when the weather didn't allow it

More than a few outside storm fronts to contend with

Suffering from another case of the Monday blues

Starting off the work week with a resounding thud

Hitting the pavement harder than intended

Left a physical mark and a stain on the internal pride

Cannot seem to find the right groove to dance to

Or even concentrate on what's in front of the screen

Thinking too much about what lies ahead

Paying attention to intangible theories than reality

Wanted to grasp onto something concrete

Fingers too watered down to be able to do so

On a seemingly endless journey for peace

Not possible within these chaotic times it seemed

Searching for truth in a sea of lies and alibis

Sounded like a premise of a crime novel

Or a weekly serialized network television program

Full of commercials and just enough darkness

To keep viewers and those sponsors interested

Focused on finding answers from viable sources

Not the speculative creatures who create "facts"

Until it was riddled with so many holes

That you could drive a tractor trailer through

Laughable to find credibility on an endless array of channels

Writing the ultimate term paper without a need for a grade

Passing simply counts if you're around to live another day

Who needs an "A" when you have another tomorrow

Frustrated that no one seemed to have answers

Well, definitive ones

Everything filled with such uncertainty

Timelines constantly evolving further and further out

Seemed childish to need normalcy

Maybe, just normal connection without a distance in mind

Sticking with all the CDC guidelines until things are safe

Keeping up the supplies in the meantime

Watching those reality show sinkholes

Cringing and laughing at the same time

What a contradiction; such as life.

A new mode of communication and misconception.

A new mode of communication and misconception.

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