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The Dilly-Dallier


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She was a beautiful damsel

Among all the damsels within

The neighborhood there is no

Iota of doubt about that

Many of the ladies wish

To be half as beautiful

As she was. This indubitably

Has entered her cerebral cortex

She was full of herself

She was placed in the

Category of the peacock by

Many people in the neighborhood

She thought they were jealous

Of her beauty and would

Not mind whatever anyone says

Concerning her actions within-without

For her pride, she could

Not easily come across a

Man, for no man wishes

To be involved with her

Any man who moves nigh

Her would be counselled against

Putting his neck in the

Snare being set by peacock

It is in the eyes of

Foolish birds that snares being

Set have no meanings but

The wise birds would be careful

Thus, men flee her like

Plague, for pride is like

A plague that could make

One live alone in wilderness

Pride makes good things far

From one, for deities also

Do not wish to be

Associated with pride people

If deities could distance themselves

From the pride, what shall

Mere mortal do if not

To separate themselves from

Such peacock like people.

Age was not on her

Side again, she seems as

If she has put up

New feathers humility quill

Then she met with this

Guy who signaled his interest

In her. Months have passed

That they have been seeing

But she was yet indecisive

Then approached her a woman

Who was not enjoying her

Husband and she talked to her

You should decide fast on

This guy, for him coming

To you should be considered

Rare privilege because he’s simple

If you wish to have a

Balanced home, a happy hubby

That would make you happy

I recommend him for you

Snarling back at her, I

Do not ask for thine counsel

If you are interested in

Him you can go ahead with him

Quite appalling she replied beautiful

One I know you neither ask

For my counsel nor my

Prayers in making your choice

It’s just that my character

Does not allow me to

See something good and not

Make comments about it

For your information, I am

The one the guy would

Have been married to, because

He strongly loved me but

I pushed him away by

My actions. It is the

Greatest of all errors I

Have ever made in life

And marrying wrong person is

The greatest error anyone could

Make in life. My experience

With my hubby shows this

I would have gone back

To him, infact, I lure him

To myself, but he said

He cannot be married to a divorcee

Assuming he can marry a divorcee

He would for long have

Leave you and would have been

Mine, ever in my arms

I do not want you

To cry in the future,

I do not want you to

Wish for death than being alive

For marrying a wrong person

Is hell on earth, marrying

An incompatible person makes one

Cry everyday without a comforter

This be thine time, do

Not let if pass you by

For if it passes you by

You may not see such again

The beautiful one could not

Speak again, other than looking

At her. She has missed

Her chance, it is now hers’

If she acts normal she

Would forever be in bliss

Martially speaking contrary to others

Posit that she would regret her life

I think I have played on

Him enough. It is time

To stop dilly-dallying, it

Is time to act, say “yes”



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on March 29, 2020:

@BRENDA ARLEDGE Thanks for reading ma

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 28, 2020:

One can feel the regret, but how sad to not be wanted as a divorced person.

Saying yes...if that's her true heart's desire.

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