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The Desperate or the Brave?

You cannot hide from righteousness
The Lord watches, our children judge us
They know how human we really are
Does a fallen angel become a shooting star
That witnessed our sad hearts and unholiness

I’ll listen while your eyes reveal in silence
Draining from pores, drying out the violence
It’s only a world of survival and failure
I’ll drink to you, now please return the favor
We will not hide, God knows of our alliance

Will you bury me counting your diamonds
The holes in my bones, bitten by your lions
Is it so much to ask, can I have a moment
I must know before my hearts final torment
Will it sound like Gabriel or police sirens?

Walking into church, climbing out of a grave
These are the times we ask God to save
Who can hear me now, is my soul nourished?
I wonder alone with falling trees in a forest
Is repentance for the desperate or the brave?

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