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The Desert Sands

Dry terrain


The dust of the desert

The dust of the desert swirls around the mountains
Dry twigs are caught up in the breeze and sand
The clouds gather but produce no rain
Menacingly withhold it again and again

Only the desert insects and animals
have acclimatised themselves to the terrain
Cracked dry river beds and canyons so deep
The parched grasses long for the rain

Eagles soar overhead their cries
resounding in the empty caverns and spaces
Vultures keenly watch and look for food
Life in the desert is not so good

Eventually the clouds roll in and
release their pent up moisture
Rivers and wadis rage and plough through the sand
Mountains gush with overflow

The desert is glad
for the duration is short
but never taken for granted
They make the most of each droplet
For which for months they sought

Animals move in and drink their fill
Earth and sky have come together
even just for a while enjoying the weather
Till the dry season appears
And the red hot sun the desert sand sears.

Endless sand


Lonely Footprint


Lonely desert plant


Inhospitable Dry and arid Plains

The endless sand as far as the eye can see, interspersed with succulents and hardy plants.

Glistening Plant